Song and Doodle #73

Todays song and doodle a little bit different music wise! I'm so not a heavy metal music kinda person what so ever, but luckily I've people around me that are! I've always thought that its important to listen to music that you wouldn't normally. So todays song is God Damn by Avenged Sevenfold! Now what I'm finding with heavy metal is that they touch on a lot of interesting subjects. Sometimes it is hard to looks past the gruffness of the song and listen to what they are saying (or maybe that just me?) 
I really like the lyric in this song "can't heal the wound before we bleed" I love this because its so true! We need to feel the hurt and the pain and then the healing can begin. I enjoy that this kind of heavy song reminded me of relief that comes with healing. After all the icky wounds and crap that gets tossed at you though out life there is always healing. This really applies to the current state of our country it feels like. There are so many people suffering and I can only hope that from this suffering we gain healing. I hope that we can come together, do what it right and learn from all these wounds.  Of course this song touches on a lot more than that. It has a lot of clever lyrics about mortality, good verse bad and the state or society. Overall this song just has a lot you can pick apart. At the root its clever and makes you think and I can get on board with that!
"Can't see the forest for the trees
Can't heal the wound before we bleed"

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