Out Going Mail!

I treated myself to a gouache set a couple weeks ago! I've never worked with this type of watercolor paint-ness before so I'm quite excited. My first go I opened the red tube and it squirted EVERYWHERE. It was like something out of horror movie! I decided to paint all these little strawberries to use up all my squished out red. I did the front and backs and near the end I was really, like r e a l l y tired of strawberries! Now thinking upon it why didn't I paint something else? I guess I just had berries on the mind! Regardless I learned a lot about what NOT to do with these lil' tube-ys. I also realized that this gouache stuff is really tricky to work with! I'm gonna have to watch some youtube videos. If this is something you've worked a lot with please give me some tips!! 

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