List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- April is AMONG us! Its always the busiest month for me. I'm not sure why, but exciting things just happen in April.
2- Grid Zine is coming up on April 14th! Which means I'm working my butt off to make new zines! I'm sure I'll post them here once it all settles down.
3- I'm also going to be interviewed for a web series (eeekkkk!) I'm very nervous and excited! I'll also be sharing more on that when the times comes!
4- I'm ALSO turning 27 on April 23rd! It came way too fast. Times feels like its slipping away these days. Whats a girl to do!
5- I bought my sisters and I hula hoops for Easter. I got THESE ones and they are amazing! I shopped around a lot and these are a great price for the amazing quality.
6- Theres something about hula hooping that makes me giggle the whole time. I kind of love it!
7- THIS is my new favorite song. I've been listening to her album "I Need to Start A Garden" on repeat. Its excellent late night working music.
8- I've got a weird new obsession with bugs. Which kinda makes sense. Honey bees are my favorite thing ever so expanding into more insects was bound to happen.
9- THESE photos by Seb Janiak are ultra dreamy!
10- Last but not least THIS dress is what dreams are made out of. I couldn't ever afford something like this, but in my day dreams I'm totally wearing this!

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