Lovely Things: Gifties for ME!

Every year for Valentines Day I always buy myself a little gift. Mostly cause its a good excuse to treat myself with out feeling guilty. Which is silly, its my money why do I feel so bad spending it? But maybe thats good that I have some self control and don't always spend every penny I get. Anyways, I've been looking on the interwebs for some lovely girly things for myself and I wanted so share some of my findings! Do you have any Valentines traditions? I usually try to buy all my girl friends something, in true Galentines fashion. Valentines is a good time for us ladies to look out for each other and show a little love!
First off you can't have Valentines with out lovely under things. I really adore this dainty star bralette from Love Street!
This watermelon brush holder is just too cute! Found in Ollanani Etsy!
Most of the soap and lotion I use is unscented or all natural so it has a very earthy smell. For Christmas I got a little Soap and Glory gift set and it smelled soooooo goood!! Plus the name is just too good! 
I'm a huge lippie fan and I've been eyeballing this one from Lime Crime for a while now. 
 Last but not least some lovely lotion bars from Made On. I love this ladies products and I love anything jasmine scented!

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