List of Thoughts + LINKS!

List of Thoughts as of Late: 
1- Oh boy January was not a good blogging month for me! This weather has really got me down. All I want to do is binge watch tv and eat pizza. 
2- BUT I've kick started myself into being productive! This weekend I've got caught up on all my mail and got most of my art journal for last month up to date!
3- I'm completely in love with Sylvan Esso's new song Parad(w/m)E. Its super catchy and I can't wait for their new album to come out! 
4- February always makes me feel like a lame single pringle. Which is silly and nonsensical, but happens every year! 
5- I've been catching up on all my favorite podcasts lately. I really enjoyed THIS 99% Invisible episode. They lady interviewed is just adorable and I feel like the way I watch movies will forever be changed! 
6- After much debating I signed up for Grid Zine Fest again. I'm terribly nervous and excited all rolled into one. I still have lots of time to get some new stuff together so I'm looking forward to getting my creative pants on! 
7-THIS post about Little Paris Beekeeping has me itching to runaway and live among bees somewhere. Or maybe its just my lingering ache for spring and sunshine. 
8- I'm not even a summer girl all that much, I'm just tired of being cold!! 
9- Every year for Valentines I always by myself a gift. THIS skirt love letter pattern is quickly climbing up on the must have list! I just wish skirts didn't make me look so dumpy. 
10- Last but not least THESE rabbits got me feelin the feels. I can't imagine how overwhelming seeing one of these in real life would be! 

Here's to hopin I get a hang of this bloggin thing again! Cheers. 

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