Weekend Adventures: Alt Press Fest!

Alt Press Fest was last weekend! I'm finally recovered from all my social-exhaustion and finding time to post some pictures. I was a lot more adventurous this time around! I actually got up and walked around a little bit and bought some zines! Last one I was too nervous to walk around and talk to people so I just hid behind my table the whole day. But this time I really did have a ton of fun! I couldn't have done it with out Zoei helping me staple and sitting with me all day! I'll admit there were a lot of awkward silences when people came to our table. Something I should really work on! 
Our little half table!
These are all the new ones I made! Its still amazing that I got them done especially since I was still editing and printing on Friday! One day I'll get around to posting the extra on Etsy and telling you more about all the new ones!
Candy dish I made! I wanted something cute for our table so I made this little gal! She's so cute and you can take candy out of her mouth!! I forgot how much I love paper-mache! So much fun.
I love our little set up! I publish all my stuff under the name Peachy Keen Press named after my Etsy shop. I love LOVE the table cloth Zoei made. Lotsa cute little bobbles!! 

I learned so much! People here were not the nicest and I'll admit I got some criticism that wasn't too helpful. I had a few wallowing days but now I'm back at it! I love that my style is "cute" I love that my table is peachy and pretty. I feel like I've got something important to say with my zines. When someone picks up one of my zines I want to to make them feel happy and smile and feel somewhat relatable to my zines. I know thats not going to happen every time someone stops at my table but when it does happen it is the BEST! I'm going to keep creating zines and tabling at zine fests!

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