Plant Babies!

We finally have lil' fruits on our plants!! This years garden is going way better than last year. Not having a hose and having to water everything from a watering can has made this quite the labor of love. BUT I love watching everything growing. Its all getting so big!! 
Our first little baby jalapeno baby! Hopefully we get some more!
Lumpy tomato baby #1! We lost the tags for the tomatoes so what these will look like is a bit of a mystery. So far its kinda a cool wonky shape! This plant is really full and bushy so I think it'll have a lota fruits!
Lil' round babe #2! This plant is a bit sparse and I thought I killed it a couple times, but its a fighter! Also the fruits are super round and teeny! I'm curious what this guy will look like full grown!

The only plant we lost so far was a cilantro. I'm so bummed about it too and its totally my fault. But only one out of the group is pretty good! I'm kinda surprised I didn't kill more! I'll share pictures as soon and more fruits come in!

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