Franny Zine!

Now that things that settled down I'm getting around to taking some photos of the new zines I made! I'm going to slowly be sharing them just so editing the photos isn't so daunting. THEN after I get all my photos all nice a pretty then I'll post them on my Etsy! BUT until then if you see a zine you want let me know and I'll send you one!
This is number one of a new series I've been thinking up. Its all based around this older lady named Franny! It basically is a way for me to work out all my concerns about never marrying and living alone when I'm old. I'm creating this to help me realize that taking the path of growing old alone is kinda wonderful in its own special way. Life is so beautiful and different for everyone, their isn't one right way to do. Making this zine is helping me see all those wonderful things!
Here is the middle spread! Number one is all about introducing Franny. The next ones will be more about specific adventures she gets herself into. I'm actually really proud of these illustrations. Doing a lot of faces and figures is always really challenging for me. The practice has been amazing!

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