Lovley Things: Pretty Foods!

Zoei and I are always day dreaming about owing a cafe that serves weird and wonderfully obscure desserts and drinks. There is something about desserts that don't use normal dessert ingredients that I just love. I've been cataloging and hunting down recipes lately and I wanted to share some cool ones that I found! The list of things to try (learn) how to bake and create is insanely long, but learning is part of the fun!
 The blog My Name is Yeh has some of the coooolest recipes! I just love how dreamy this chocolate mint cake looks! Pretty "normal" food combo, but its so pretty I had to post it!
I love MATCHA! I had matcha ice cream one time ages ago and fell in love! The color is so vibrant! (Also can you tell I'm a sucker for green things?) This green tea cake roll can be found at Oh Sweet Day's blog!

Oh man I've been having dreams about this jiggly cake! Its SO. JIGGLY!! We got some spring form pans so this one just made it to the top of the list! I love how simple the recipe is, so it seems like an easy one to make weird by adding strange stuff. I can't wait to try it out! I found this one over at Tasty via Buzzfeed
 I adore the way these taro swirl mooncakes look! I love anything called mooncake because that just sounds like the most magical name ever! I like the flavor and texture of taro so these are definitely on the list to try. The purple specks are too cool. This recipe can be found at The Cooking of Joy!
I think every good bakery/ cafe has a good citus cake. It seems like a staple and a very yummy one at that. This one is brilliant cause he uses marshmallows in the middle of it, YUM! (Homemade marshmallows are also on the *need to learn* list!) You can find this recipe over at Crepes of Wrath blog! Hehe such a clever name and the photos are stunning! Check it out!

*drool* I'm off to go dig in the freezer for some ice cream!

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