Song and Doodle #58

I haven't done a song and doodle in a while and I'm super excited to share a song that I've been obsessing over for quite sometime, Ya Ya Ya by You Won't. You Won't has been a favorite of mine for a while and I was over the moon excited at the release of a new album! Totally worth the wait! Every song sounds complicated and catchy. Both of their albums released so far as best listened from start to finish, in my opinion. All of their songs upon first listen are just catchy little tunes that are danceable and stick with you all day. Then once you really start to listen you notice all the complexities and the amazingly poetic lyrics that leave you thinking about LIFE. This band is slowly creeping into my top ten list, because time and time again I'm captivated and it makes it onto the most played, playlist. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!
"So your mama was a mess sometimes
Took the keys away and told you you were boring
Well come sit and talk with me tonight
We can bore each other both until the morning."

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