May Art Journal!

May art journal! I'm currently in a love hate relationship with the journal. I love the thick cover and the spiral bound. Its sooo nice it be able to lay it flat. BUT I despise the thin pages and the square size. I've always been a rectangle kinda gal. This journal is pretty big and will probably last me all summer. SO I've been trying to get use to it, since it'll be around for a while! 
 A little while ago I was looking into bible journaling (after seeing a bunch illustrated faith things for sale!) I stumbled into THIS video and saw these awesome fabric paper clips. SO I just had to make some to separate the months in my book!
 Love this unicorn card I got from a pen pal!
 Update on my seeds. I have sprouts!! Little baby leafs poking though the dirt!
 I attempted to draw a self portrait but my nose got totally messed. Oh well next time!
This June page ended up being one of my favorites in this book so far! 

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