List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- Today is fathers day! I'm lucky enough to still be able to give drawings as presents. This year I made a mix cd, which I think he liked. Although honestly I could give him anything and he'd love it!
2- I've been quite the lazy blogger lately, but I've found that I always get into this funk during the summer. I'm not sure why, maybe one day I'll figure out how to balance things better.
3- I stumbled upon THIS etsy shop the other day and I really want to buy one of everything!
4- Recently I've been trying out a new aromatherapy thingy called Monq. The way they advertise it looks really cheesy and they're a teeeeny bit pricy. But it has been helping with my anxiety!
5- THIS site is an amazing time waster and oddly enough is quite soothing!
6- Shorts season is upon us and I'm not sure if I'm happy or bummed out about it.
7- I absolutely adored THIS article! Its always great to see amazing teachers and I've always thought that everyone should learn how to play the ukulele!
8-I would LOVE to take a trip to see THIS amazing sculpture!
9- I keep thinking that I need to find a new back up pair of glasses. Once it a while the anxiety will hit me that if I loose this pair I'll be pretty much blind until I can get another pair. There are lots of online glasses places for pretty cheap. Am I the only one that has this worry?
10- I think I've been waiting for the summer to start and something amazingly exciting to happen. But in reality I've just been breaking out lately and am not sure how to style my hair. *sigh*

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