Mini-Mini Zines!

I was busy this weekend weeding though all the notes on my phone and organizing some random thoughts that I had written down once upon a time. In doing so I found a had a lot of half thoughts that might make good poems. SO I decided to make some mini-mini zines! I got two done this weekend and have about 5 more that just need to be assembled. They're super teeny! Only 1 inch by 1 inch, give or take a teeeeny bit. I just LOVE love the small size! I'm enjoying this small format with simple messages. I can't wait to send these out to my pen pals!
 After taking these photos I realized I really should paint my nails. My fingers are looking really sad.
I'm ecstatic about this path of poetry and art that I'm heading down. Although I now have a lot of mail to catch up on since my weekend was occupied with making mini collages. But oh well I guess life is all a balance!

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