25 Things You Might Not Know About My Twin!

Yesterday was my birthday! Which also means it was my twin sisters birthday. So I thought I'd take time to do a post all about her! This being a lifestyle blog I can't help but incorporate some of my personal life into the mix. I know sometimes its not the most interesting tidbits to read, but turing 25 with my best friend seemed like it was worth a post! Hopefully I don't bore my few readers too much. AND maybe this post will help you reflect on the people who mean most to you and you can come up with your own list! So here is goes! 

1) We just turned 25! (ok, ok I'm guessing you already knew that!) BUT on our birthday cake we would need 50 candles. FIFTY!! 
2) She is an amazing cook and OUTRAGEOUSLY creative when it comes to food. I'll forever be amazed how quick she can pick things up! Especially because I'm terrible at cooking! 
3) She's compiled mostly of coffee and sugar! 
4) You know she likes something when she says "thats the goods" 
5) She's afraid of the dark. 
6) LOVE loves romantic comedies. 
7) She's incredibly good at analytical reading. Which I find impressive cause most information books make me fall asleep. 
9) She's so good at relating and communicating with other people.
10) Incredibly kind but won't take shit from anyone. 
11) Selfless to a fault. I know she takes care of me way too much, but I'm not complaining. 
12) She shares so many qualities with our mom. When I share more qualities with our dad, especially the not so great ones. haha
13) She has a great eye for composition and color. I know she doubts her art skills but when it comes down to it, she knows how to make things look good. 
14) She's got a tattoo! I always forget until spring comes around all the spring clothes come out! 
*phew this is kinda harder then I thought it would be!**
15) She loves dogs and spooked out by cats. Although I'm trying to get her to buy me a cat! 
16) Quotes The Office and Bobs Burgers daily. Well, we both do that I suppose. 
17) She's got really long legs and I'm pretty much jealous of them. 
18) She has an amazing sense of smell! She always smells things WAY before I do. Which is a bummer cause that means I got the bad eyes and the bad nose. Thanks a lot genetics! 
19) Surprisingly witty. 
20) She is really good at math. It makes her the ideal shopping partner cause she can calculate the discounted percentage really quickly! 
21) She loves pandas and the color red-violet! 
22) Surprisingly good with children. Children really freak me out if I'm being honest. 
23) She is really good at staying positive. Where as I am really good at being negative. We tend to balance each other quite nicely! 
24) She's really good at spelling. Another thing I'm not so great at! 
25) Last but not least she is the coolest twin and best friend that anyone could ever ask for. We spend 90% of our time together. I wouldn't want it any other way. I know eventually we'll drift apart as all adults need to do, but for now I feel so amazingly lucky! 
Baby Zo
Whoa, this post was longer than I thought it would be! I had an amazing birthday with some amazing people. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and such an AWESOME twin! Cheers to 25 years and 25 more! 

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  1. Congrats to you both!
    Such a lovely list.
    I wonder what she would say about you ;)