Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt!

I was lucky enough to participate in the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt again this year! Hosted by the loveliest blog Snail Mail Love. I don't sign up for very many swaps these days. Mostly cause I'm pretty lazy and its a bit harder to make packages look artsy, small envelopes are much easier! BUT this year's scavenger swap was so much fun! I got some amazing things in return! 
What I sent! I made these neat "envelopes" that were old treat bags that I just painted with some acrylic paint. I think they turned out really neat! 
 First this on the list! Something the represents me. I got this really neat oil diffuser that has a honey bee on it! Which fits me perfectly cause I love honey bees and I'm really into aromatherapy and home remedies lately.
 Second, postal kit! This was easy cause I've a huge paper stash that I should probably work on getting rid of any ways.
Third, something you can wear! I've so much nail polish its kinda of embarrassing. Especially since I haven't painted my nails in a while. I should probably do that now that I'm thinking about it.
 Fourth and Fifth! Something not square! I made these little moon stickers cause she said she liked moons. Also for a little gifty I got her a moon enamel pin! I'm loving these pins lately even though they're becoming super trendy.
 Last but not least something to read! Of course I had to fill it full of my mini-zines! Although theres not much to read, but it still counts!
What I received! A bad day survival kit, some chocolate and tea. Also some Chinese candies! Those green tee white rabbits are the BEST!!
These awesome little jars with honey bees on them!! They fit perfectly in my bathroom to hold my make up brushes. She also made a postal kit and some lovely little tea bag holders. I just love the "trashy" card, on the inside it says "don't be". I've the prefect pen pal to send it too!
 All of her gifties came in these awesome little bags! I never though to glue envelopes on the outside! Its so brilliant! I just love these cute floral envelopes!
My top three favorite things in the package! Amazing green tea white rabbits, a little lucky fish and this adorable mini panda card!

Eeep! So much lovely mail these days!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Remi! I love what you did with your envelopes, and what you sent is pretty neat too! I especially like the diffuser with the bee on it :)
    I'm really glad you enjoyed the swap, thanks again for taking part to it. It was lovely having you :)
    Fab x

  2. both packages are equally awesome!
    I really should try and take part next year...

  3. both packages are equally awesome!
    I really should try and take part next year...

  4. whoaaa, these looks so adorable! I love the envelope that you made! they are lovely as well as the inside. and the honeybee jars that you received, they are amazing!

    filicia | Candy After Dinner

  5. I love your painted envelopes - so bright and pretty!
    That is so cute that you both sent and received honeybees too :D