List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS

1- I did some design work for a friend this past week. I was so damn impressed with myself! I always doubt my abilities for some reason. I should stop doing that. 
2- I'm looking for a new charging cord for my phone. I go though those things so fast! I don't know if its just the way I abuse them or what. BUT I found THIS dreamy one that I've got my eyes on! 
3- The weather has been so sunny and nice lately! I keep having to tell myself to not get too excited cause I've a feeling winter isn't done with us yet! 
4- I've been a little bit of a lazy blogger these past few weeks. I think my life has just been tossed a few loops and unfortunately the blog is the first thing to be back burnered. 
5- THIS popped up on my Facebook a little bit ago and I can't stop watching! So beautiful, I just want to frame it! Well...maybe lick it a few times also. ha
6- Thao and the Get Down Stay Down came out with a new album recently. Its totally amazing! I highly suggest you check it out! 
7- I have to admit I'm really excited for the new Ghost Busters movie to come out. It looks cheesy but hilarious!
8- I wasn't really excited for my birthday until this weekend when we finally decided what we wanted to do! I don't want to jinx it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much!
9- I've been typing this post with out my glasses on and I'm realizing how bad my eyes have gotten. When did this happen?? Since when I have been this blind? Yikes!
10- Last but not least, i'm fairly certain I need one of THESE! Seems like a good investment, I do spend a lot of time at work in front of a computer after all! And YES I am trying to find reasons to get one of these!!

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