I made some mini-zines the end of last year but forgot to post them! I adore these mini ones cause they're quick and simple. Also a lovely way to jot down my half ideas. I made THE BOX as a birthday gift. It is super duper short and only a few pages. I was really happy with how the illustrations turn out. I think I could've expanded on the idea a little bit, but I was mostly just wanting to make sure I got it done in time! 
 I also made THINGS THAT I KNOW #2. Its a little bit different than #1. It has more textures and illustrations, where as the first one was more clever with words but a wee bit boring. I'm hoping that #3 will have a better combination of both! I find I enjoy doing things in a series just so I can improve on myself. I still need to make Haikus #2! One of these days I'll get around to it!
If you'd like either of these let me know! You can email me ( or go HERE so I can get a bit of contact information. Also maybe leave me a comment so I don't forget! I can be a bit scattered brained at times!

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  1. Hi Remi! I'm Angela :) I love zines & snail mail (actually, I love a lot of things). Are you looking for new pen pals? I just sent my contact info to you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks