Lovely Things: Embroidery Kits!

Yesterday I shared my first embroidery adventures! So today I wanted to share some DIY kits I've added to the list of things I want someday! I'm trying my best to save money but I'm pretty sure I'm going to break down and get at least one of these! Or maybe that's what I can ask for my birthday! (No, its not soon I'm just thinking ahead! ha) I'm hoping I can gain enough skills to be able to draw and design my own patterns. Although I might be getting ahead of myself! Who know how long this mini obsession will last.
I love how mini this one is! // Stitch You Up
I can't resist the BEEESSS!! // I Heart Stitch Art
This one is beautiful before its even embroidered! // LWD Supply
Might tricky to hang on the wall but I just love it! The textures look amazing! // kirikipress
Bees are the best! I love how colorful this one is! // Cozy Blue

Three cheers for crafty adventures!! 

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