List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS

Photo by Wolf Tea
List of Thoughts as of Late: 
1- Still drooling over the beautiful images over at! The perfect romantic combination of dark and beautiful. 
2- Spending a lot of time shuffling around So much good information I'm learning a ton. 
3- I'm about to turn 25 this spring and I still feel like I want to be one of the "cool kids" but more an more I'm realizing I'm just a dork. I don't have piercings, tattoos or a closet full of vintage clothes. I don't go to art galleries, feminist rallies or house shows. I frequently feel like I don't "fit" into a style. I take the dorky bits but leave the cools bits of being a dork behind. Am I thinking about this too much? Probably. 
4- Mason Jennings has a new album coming out that I'm super stoked for. I love that bizarre, captivating voice of his! Find his new song HERE
5- Today felt like spring. It put me in a surprisingly good mood today. I missed the sunshine! 
6- Currently binge watching The Office for the millionth time. I regret nothing! 
7- I'm in LOVE love with THIS overnight oats recipe. My mornings are quickly being transformed to something happy instead of miserably dragging myself to work all thanks to breakfast! 
8- I've been saving up my pennies for THIS awesome dress. I didn't know I was a unicorn person until I found this dress! 
9- I should be working on my art journal but instead I've been working on this post for WAY too long. I'm dragging my feet and I'm not sure why. 
10- I've been trying my best to change my diet lately and I really enjoy THIS post that has some interesting information. I'm crossing my fingers that by the end of the year I've developed healthier eating habits. Although I can tell you now that french fries will draw me back in EVERY TIME! 

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