List of Thoughts as of Late + LINKS!

1- This is a little doodle from last months art journal. Some super cute lyrics from the song Hoops by The Rubens. Which was also the #1 song on the Triple J hottest 100!
2- I recently been thinking a lot about my parents and the way I was raised. I'm not sure what their plan was but I think they did a really good job. Ha is that impolite to say??
3- I saw THIS awesome tutorial on some simple block printing. I can't wait to try it!
4- I was reading THIS post today that was really interesting. There wasn't a single word on that list that I have heard of before! You really do learn something new everyday.
5- Valentines Days is coming up. Its kinda one of those things I try to ignore but its pretty impossible. So I might as well make some cute cards and indulge in something yummy!
6- I came across THIS post this morning and my mind was blown away! I've never been the biggest Picasso fan but to be able to see his process is incredibly inspiring.
7- I'm quite done with the snow. Seems like right when I think its gone for good it comes back!
8- I also think I need some new boots. My current favorite boots have me slipping all over the place and I've got a hole somewhere in the right one. I always end up getting a wet sock! Yuck.
9- I'm in LOVE love l o v e with THIS shirt. But I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it outside of the house. Is it worth it to buy a shirt you don't wear out? Or just a waste of money?
10- I'm craving pancakes. I have a slight head ache and could use some tea.

Happy weekend!

Outgoing Mail!

I've been doing quite good at keeping up with all my correspondence for the year! I'm a wee bit behind right now, but thats only because I've been waiting to do them Valentines themed. Although, yes I realize that they will arrive late! Oh well! Better late then never is my snail mail motto.

January Art Journal!

Its already February! January was kind of a hot mess whirl wind of not enough time and energy. This months art journal was mostly random doodles and lists. I finally finished up this book, which means a new book! I love starting a new book. Theres something about fresh blank pages that is incredibly refreshing! I think i'll go with a smaller one for this month that way I can fill it up quicker! 

Don't Forget!

I'm not sure who said this quote but its one of my favorites as of late! I am the worst at letting things stick with me. I also hold a grudge like no other! Its quite embarrassing, but I like to think I'm working on it. This is a very good reminder for me lately! Especially with work. Somedays it takes everything I've got to drag myself into work. I plop down at my desk and just stare at a monitor thats reminding me of all my failures from the week. So I just need to stop and think to myself that everyday is a new day. Everyday I get a fresh chance to make it a GOOD DAY! Reminders like this are changing my attitude towards the world, hopefully it can help you too! 

We survived another week! Woo hoo! I hope you all have a relaxing, love filled weekend! 

Desk Findings: Little Bits!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I was cleaning off my desk and unearthed these little bits! Its amazing how fast little bits like this can accumulate.
1- Various needles! I use these for book binding, stitching up envelopes and adding little embellishments to notebooks and cards!
2- Fortune from a fortune cookie! "You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily"
3- Brass brads. I got these for a project but I'm not sure why I got such a big box cause now I've got left overs. I'm sure I can find a use for them!
4- Pesos from the Philippines! My sister brought these back for me cause I just love looking at other countries currency! Its so interesting how its all different but similar.
5- Sharpeners! Sturdy standard pencil sharpener and an itty bitty mechanical pencil sharpener.
6- Paper clips! I got these triangle ones from a pen pal and I've been waiting to use them on something special. I've never seen triangle ones before now!
7- Little kitty! I got a few of these from a pen pal also. I'm sure it'll end up in my art journal somewhere!

Outgoing Mail!

Got some mail done this weekend! Now I'll admit I kinda went overboard with the doodling. This is mostly because I told myself that I had to get house chores done. So I was stalling quite a bit to say that least! I mean doodling on an envelope for an hour or cleaning out the fridge? Seemed like an easy choice to me! Plus the good thing about chores is that they always wait for you, even if you don't want them too!

Lovely Things: Lovely Florals!

This weekend was so cold! I'm sure I don't have any where to complain since some states had feet of snow! BUT none the less, my toesies are quite cold. Can't help but daydream about sunshine kisses, warm evenings and spring flowers! So today's list of lovelies are floral goodies that I can stare at until the snow melts! 

On A Day Like Today

(winter 2013)
I've been staring at my computer for quite a while now, thoughts running around all wild like. I really wanted to post something today, but I'm having troubles finding the words. I thought about just passing and not doing a post, but then upon remembering thats how I get into bad habits of not posting for weeks at a time I think I must writing something. SO I'm writing a nonsensical post anyways! I was hoping to have something special, inspiring or at the very least thought provoking to say and write about! On a day like today I think I'm out of steam. Most of my energy today went into staying positive. Not just for myself but for everyone around me. For the most part I think I did a hell of a job! I've a slight headache and can't wrangle in my thoughts, but here I am anyways- breathing, hoping, wishing. I love this blog. I love what it does for me. I love the people who read it. I love that I have so much to love in my life. Yep. I think that is all for now.

Have a lovely, restful, inspiring weekend!

Song and Doodle #55

This weeks song and doodle come from a band called FOUR EYES. Being an avid glasses wearer I had a bit of a bias upon my first listen, just cause of the name. As a whole this band took me a minute to grow on me, but I'm glad I let it! I was drawn to one specific track pretty quickly which helped me hold onto this little gem! The song Help Me Hate You is spiritually captivating, well at least for me! Right from the beginning she slowly scoops you up and starts to tell you a story that feels all too familiar. As the song progresses it builds and strings you along. Back up vocals carry the uniqueness of her voice to a new level. By the end of the song you feel like she's taken a page out of your sob story and made it less ridiculous and turned into something beautiful. She transforms a story we've all been in and have felt childish in our reactions, but this song says f*ck what everyone says I'm gonna feel how I feel even if I know better. Am I thinking too much into this song? Possibly. Is that what I love about music? Absolutely!

"Maybe in another life we could have tried and made it right, 
and I know no one's to blame, but I blame you anyway. "

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making. Breaking in my new 2016 planner.
Listening. Daydreaming about being in a girl band while listening to the Blue Aces on repeat. 
Eating. Doing my best to eat breakfast every day. Blueberries make everything taste better.