Lovely Things: Easter!

Easter is one of my all time favorite holidays. Easter growing up was often a bigger deal then Christmas! I love it! I love spring and its always around my birthday. Here are some Easter findings! I'm super excited Easter weekend! 

I love these! I ran out of time to make them for Easter, but I'm still probably gonna make one of these for my bathroom. Find it HERE! 
Breakfast cake doughnuts! These look so springy and yummy! Wouldn't they be pretty with pastel icing? Get the recipe HERE! 

I still haven't made my origami unicorn but these bunnies look a little more do-able! Plus they are super adorable! Get the instructions HERE!
There are so many yummy treats to make for Easter but nothing beats rice krispie treats! Get the recipe HERE!
You can't have Easter with out bunnies! I've been trying to convince my sister to rent bunnies for the day! That would be so awesome to have a big ol'floppy bunny hopping around all day! 
All natural egg dye! I've always wanted to try to make these kinds of dyes because I love the natural look they have to them. My only concern is that it might smell funky. Mostly the cabbage one. I'm not sure if I want the eggs smell and cabbage smell lingering in the house all day. Find the how-to HERE! 

Phew! Is it Easter yet?!

Coming and Going!

I've gotten some neato stuff in the mail lately that I wanted to share! 

My pen pal from Tulsa always has the prettiest stationery! I'm so in love with this minty bird envelope. 

My pen pal Michael always has the coolest stamps! One of these days I'll just have to scan in every letter he's sent me and do a massive post! 

This one isn't incoming but outgoing. I normally wait and do a outgoing post and post all of my mail creations. But I was lazy this weekend and only completed one outgoing piece. I really like doing collages but I put too many circle stickers on this on and it turned into a bit of a mess. Oh well! 

One of my pen pals sent me Frida Kahlo stuff!! I about died when I opened the package. (and possibly cried a little bit) I love Frida so much and I love even more that they remember that I love her. I mean FRIDA TATTOOS!! Its so amazingly awesome I love them! 

Phew I need another weekend to get all caught up! I can't believe the weekend is already over! 

Puzzle Letter + EE Cummings Poem!

Ages ago I made a puzzle letter. I drew a picture on a poster board and then cut it up, wrote a letter on the back and sent it to my pen pal! I was kind of a lot of work so it's not something I do often. I have one pen pal that has been one of my favorite people to write, so I decided he deserved a puzzle letter! I love EE Cummings so I picked my favorite poem of his to send!  


I ended up cutting it into 20 pieces and send them in 5 envelopes. The photos look small but its a normal sized poster board. So everyday this week I've been writing a little note on the back of a card. My original idea was to send them all as individual postcards but then quickly realized that it might be a lot of postage. 5 envelopes is definitely cheaper! 

I'm not sure whats up with my crappy photos. I should really invest in a better camera....and probably not take photos in bad light! Eh, I'm learning! 

I mostly used Sharpies with bits of acrylic paint, just the cheapo craft ones! I'm really happy how the red bits turned out. I'm getting better using paints and creating textures. I still have tons to learn though! 

Working Progress!

I haven't been too terribly productive these days. But I wanted to share a page from the zine I'm working on. Well, I'm working on a few but this one is pretty close to being done. I did a drawing like this a while ago for a pen pal. I liked it to so much I figured I should do another one for my zine. 

Sigh, is it Friday yet?

Lovely Things: Spring!

It finally felt like spring today! I was dreading weeding our flower bed but once I got out in the partly cloudy weather it definitely felt like spring! You know its April when its rainy and still warm! I'm glad I got to get out side today and proud of myself for being productive and doing some yard work! Anyways, I've got flowers on the brain. So here are some flower findings!

Hope you all are soaking up the beginnings of SPRING! 

Song and doodle #21

A while ago I went to see Thao and the Get Down Stay Down and they has this awesome opener Salli Ford and the Sound Outside. Now when I saw them my first impression was, whoa this chick is a bit awkward and they have a nice retro sound to them. I'll admit although I enjoyed seeing them live it didn't resonate enough for me to go home and look them up. Until one of there songs popped up on a Spotify radio station I was listening too. The song was "Write Me A Letter". Seems right up my ally, right? I fell in love and I've been tracking though there albums ever since. They have a fun retro/summer sound to them. I love her voice and I can't get enough! 

"The dead claps of a typewriter. Are like the poems of E.E. Cummings
You and me we from the same damn place. The one where you can hold it in your hand
When I first met you we were pen pals. And now you’re the only one left
So keep on reading those Eckhart books. And know that I am here for you"

March Accomplishments +Doodle!

Phew! This year is just flying by! I can't believe April is here! Although I must admit April is my favorite month! Plus March is always a bit dreary. Early spring in Utah means cold rain and deceiving sunshine. In a way I'm glad time is moving fast. I'm ready for some warm weather! 

I sent so much mail last month! I'm super proud of myself. I also should get a better system for tracking my incoming and outgoing mail. Now, if you don't know much about me then you probably don't know that I am terribly shy. BUT, I've been working on being more adventurous and less hermit crab-ness. Two huge steps last month doing social things with out my Zoei. I did get a little bit of a panic attack, but nothing I couldn't handle! It seems silly to be proud about but I am!! Also my sister is visiting! We're all so freakishly close its weird when one of us is missing. Lots of family time before she leaves again. I finally got all my bank account transactions organized! Its been a goal of mine this year to be more organized. Overall I'd say a fairly successful month! 

Yay for April! 

Neat Artists: RRRRRRRRoll Gifs

I don't really have much to say behind the creator of these lovely gifs. Mostly because I couldn't really find much on them. Or maybe I'm just bad at research. What I did find is that they are a group of Japanese friends that periodically release new gifs. Regardless, they are AWESOME! Here are some of my favorites but you can go see them all on there Tumblr right H E R E!

Weekend Adventures!

I feel like I have a lot of "to-do's" this weekend. I mostly just have lazy weekends that I don't do much. When I say I don't do much I really mean sleep in late and catch up on T.V. watching. But for some reason I had lots to do this weekend! So I just wanted to share, mostly cause I'm proud of my potential productive-ness.

First! St. Vincent show on Friday! Now I wouldn't ever buy tickets to see her play, but my friend had an extra one so I figured, why not?! Here's a mini play list for  you incase you don't know who St. Vincent is. Also you can check out THIS video. Which is one of my favorites and shows you the mad skills that this chick has! 

Second! The Grand Budapest Hotel is finally playing in Utah! I'm such a huge Wes Anderson fan that I'm embarrassed to admit it sometimes. But I'm so excited to see it!! I keep reading reviews of what other people have thought and I'm just dying to find out for myself! 

Third! Learn how to make a origami unicorn. I found THESE instructions that seem fairly easy. Although my paper folding skills aren't completely up to par. Practice makes prefect, right? I'd love to send unicorns to all my pen pals! 

Other random tid-bits! Finishing up on some snail mail. Going to my parents for dinner and to visit with my sister while she's in town. Shopping for more dresses! And going to church. Whoa, that sounds weird when i read it in my head, but  yup. Church, huh. Such a busy weekend! 

What are you weekend plans?

Envelope Designs!

I feel like I've been slacking on my mail art these past couple weeks. So I doodled on a few envelopes to make them all pretty. I did most of these while I was at work (which I probably shouldn't be doing, shh don't tell.) So it took me longer then it probably should have. But I've noticed the longer it takes me on a pattern the better it turns out. Once you feel rushed is when it gets sloppy. The envelopes I used are THESE ones that I bought forever ago and seems like I have the endless supply of for some reason. You can find other cool snail mail stuff in the Hunter and Co Etsy shop! 
The only problem I'm running into is i'm not sure where to put the address. I don't wanna cover up the cool design, but it seems a little silly to put it on the back side. Oh well, i'll figure something out! Have you sent any pretty mail lately?