Collage + Poem

I'm not a writer. This is not new. ha BUT that's not going to stop me. So I've been trying to write more. I wrote this poem about safe places, home and love. Something that for me has always be correlated. I'm super insecure about my poem skills. I've found that Its best to hide my insecurities behind art. I love putting things I've written around collages or drawings. This was a super fun little project I just wanted to share! Hopefully I can keep writing and try to get better! *fingers crossed*

List of Thoughts as of Late

List of thoughts as of late:
1. I took this photo of this week little lady the other day. It was so warm I couldn't believe it. I'm getting quite tired of the cold.
2. I have about 15 projects that I'm trying to finish (or that I should finish) that I've been putting off. I'm not sure what it is lately but I'm struggling to finish things.
3. Also I'm finding it hard to finish books. I hate that I'm so picky when it comes to books!
4. I've always wanted to start a book club or join one. Or a music club, something dorky like that.
5. My save the honey tee shirt sold a lot more then I thought it would! Its sort of made me feel like I could actually have a career in a more creative field. I enjoy that feeling.
6. Zoei and I are rarely apart. She's going to be gone for 3 days and it feels really odd not having my twin around.
7. On the bright side hanging out with my dad has been quite lovely.
8. I've also been puppy sitting. Oh man, its more work then I thought it would be. Luckily she's really good at telling me what she needs. Although its quite frustrating when I'm not understanding.
9. I have recently signed up for some mix tape swaps, but am finding that I haven't been listening to much new stuff. So any suggestions? Or new favorites you'd like to share?
10. My wrist is oddly achy and I've been eating too many veggies. (I know that doesn't seem possible, but my tummy would disagree!) Thank goodness for mint tea!

Lovely Things: Banjo + Forest

I stumbled upon this video this morning and fell in love. I'm spending this week with my dad. Who happens to be a really awesome guitar player and musician. It seemed to fit my life oddly well for the current state it is in. I just adore it. So here are some other lovely banjo-ish and forest-ee findings!
Forest grope found HERE. 

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making: I haven't been doing much. BUT I have been promoting the hell out of my tee shirt. Which always makes me feel a bit awkward. With that said, check it out
Listening: Zoei and I went to two awesome local cd release shows. I'm hooked on this guys snazzy tunes. Check it out HERE. 
Eating: Zoei made some ah-mazing orange chicken the other day. So yummy and probably the best I've ever had! 

Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Happy New Year! I suppose I'm a wee bit late, but better late then never! I just wanted to wish you all a very lucky 2015 year of the goat! I myself am a golden goat! Which oddly enough means bad luck, but I'm taking precautions! I've got lucky red undies, bushing my teeth better and working on my feng shui at home and at work! I'm such a huge believer in this kinda stuff! I just love the idea of it and I love how perfectly being a goat fits me! I've always thought, if you believe it then its true! (I follow that rule in a lot of aspects in my life!) If you love this stuff or not I still hope your life is full of good luck and beautiful people!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Song and Doodle #42

Todays song and doodle is Love Letter by Lisa Mitchell! I was working on a love-ish mix and had to put this song on it. Its the perfect combo of a sad song sounding sweet. I love the scratchy-ness of it and of course her unique voice is just the bees knees! I'm such a huge fan of hers! I'm sure I'll get over excited once her new album get release! Anyways soak up this amazing song! Let me know what you think.
"So I need a flight home
There's no day to argue, no I need my pillow
Well, inside an old house
By the seaside you can take off my blouse"

Honey Bees, Love and Tee Shirts.

I did THIS post a few days ago about my tee shirt design that I submitted. (which I only need 2 more to go to print!) So I thought I'd take a day and post about honey bees! A little while ago I came across a post that basically said when honey bees die, we die. I thought it was a strange thing to say so I looked it up! I was shocked to find out that its actually true! (Well that is somewhat of a dramatic statement, but gets the point across.) So after reading a bit more I started to fall in love with the little insects! They're such amazing critters. Everything about the fascinates me from the way they colonize to the way they effect us. Did you know they dance to communicate?! The more I learn about them the more I fall in love!
Source: Bees For Days
Some really interesting things to read are HERE and THERE! (or THIS about solitary bees!) Basically its a bunch of problems from pesticides used to urban environments that are causing a drastic decline in honey bees. If you're like me you're probably thinking, so what? I don't like honey that much anyways. Honeys bee go beyond having delicious vomit and pollinate a lot of our fruits and vegetables. I'll be honest with you and say there are other ways to pollinate these plants, but nothing as cost effective and efficient as bees! Food costs would go up along with losing things like honey and bees wax. Also you have to think something as prominent as the honey bee disappearing really makes you think what kinda shape our planet is in?
Did you know certain types of solitary bees make mini hives from flower petals and mud? Beautiful isn't it?!
What can you do? Lots of things! Plant bee friendly plants, like THESE! Be mindful of the pesticides that you use in your yards. A lot of people want to get rid of bees, but they really aren't that harmful. They're generally nonaggressive and only sting when they're in danger. (Wasps on the other hand are a menace to society and the worst.) Sign a petition! Theres TONS, like THIS or THAT. Seriously if you're bored just google it and a bunch of different ones will pop up! Support your local bee keeper by buying local honey and bees wax products. Its the independent farmers that need the support! Also if you're really brave start a bee hive of your own! (I've always wanted one but don't have the time or space! Maybe one day!)

Phew! Think this post is long enough, I'm not done yet! Now that you know all about bees I wanted to talk about my tee shirt design! Basically I wanted to create something that makes people ask the question, "why do we need to save the honey?" So then you can tell them all the awesomeness you know about honey bees and the help they need! I've been doing a lot of bee drawings and doodles. So when Cotton Bureau popped up I was just too excited! If you know anything about me you know that I love screen printing and me and my sister use to have our own screen printing studio. I've a deep respect for printers! I would've loved to print this myself but we've put our inky squeegees on the self for now. Since I couldn't do that then this is the next best thing I've found. I really do love this company and think they're amazing and have a brilliant thing going on. (P.S. Heres a 10% coupon code! HY2M23CF)

Ok, ok enough ranting! Save the honey, love the bees!

Lovely Things: Treat Yo Self!

Since I've just survived Valentines as a single lady I figured I should treat myself! Although my amazing parents did get me a cool gifty for the silly holiday, I still feel like I should treat myself to something! There's so many beautiful things I just want them all!
Peanut butter and jelly doughnuts?! Yes please. (paper'n stitch) 
Amazing water color! (source)
I've been loving long baths lately! I've stocked up on my lush products but I really want to try these bath melts. I mean, how lovely is that box! Its like a box of chocolates!! (Blossom Valley)
I've been diving into the makeup world lately and am wanting to go towards more natural base products. I found this amazing sandalwood blush on etsy! Sandalwood is my all time favorite smell! I can't wait to try it out. (Good 4 You)
Aren't these unicorn horns from lush just amazing?! The only bad this is that they are limited edition and sold out pretty much everywhere. Oh well, maybe they'll make them again since they were such a hit! Cute and clever, i love it! (Lush)
 I'm such a sucker for a good tee shirt! This one takes the cake. So cute and sassy! I love how dorky and sweet sloths are! (Culture Flock Clothing) 
Polka dot shoes! I'm no the quest for new shoes ever since my favorite ones started getting hole on the sides. I think these are just about perfect! (UrbanOg)

So many lovely things! Never enough monies! 

Valentines Day!

Just wanted to take a minute and wish you all a very lovely Saturday filled with oooey gooey mushy love and good feels! So far toady I've slept in late and ate cream puffs for breakfast! Now I'm off to spend time with the parentals, the people who probably love me the most!

Also I've been listening to this mix all day also THIS one! The best part about Valentines day (aside 

from the day after discount chocolate) is most definitely sappy playlists! 

P.S My honey bee tee is still up on cotton bureau I only need 3 more to get it to go to print! Eek!

Friday the 13th!

In light of this spooky superstitious day I made some note cards! I thought these would be fun to send to my pen pals! They turned out pretty neat and I'm loving these blank colored notecards from paper source! I'm not a big fan of superstitions but this one being just before Valentines day is too perfect!
Hope you had a spoooky Friday!

P.S. This is my 500th post! Craziness! Eeek.