Don't Forget!

This weeks piece of advice! I'm such a worry wart. To the point where I make myself sick most of the time over nothing. Crazy you say? Why yes... it is crazy. I came across this and realized that it was right! I worry and worry and that thing I'm worrying might happen, never happens! Even on the rare chance it does happen it all turns out just peachy keen. BUT next time, I'll worry and worry some more. SO my challenge for you today is to not worry. Don't even think about it. Let the universe run is course. Embrace it. Be a part of it and worry about it tomorrow. You can't stop over thinking things. Our brains are just like that, the stubborn beasts! But I do believe for one day you can reason with your brain and let it go. Whatever "it" may be. So try it! Soak up some sun, listen to your favorite song, dance in you undies, let the dishes stay in the sink, kiss your babies on the cheek! (You see my point!) 

I hope you all have a sunshine filled weekend! 

Recent Doodles and Mail!

Incase you don't follow me on instagram, I wanted to share some doodles on some outgoing mail! I felt like I was pretty successful getting caught up on some of my mail this weekend. Then I realized that I only got 2 letters written! BUT those two letters did have some amazing doodles in them. So not a total waste of a weekend. 
I love this little character I invented this weekend! I need to work on developing him a little more an give him a name or something! 
His little socks crack me up! 
One of my new favorite songs is Killers by Ruby the Rabbitfoot. I had this song on the brain while I was drawing a post card-ish thing. Her hair got a little funky so it wasn't too heartbreaking sending this one off. I'll have to re-do it and get the hair right. 
Out going mail! This is one of the 2 letters I sent. I forgot to snap a picture of the other one. I forgot how fun and messy it is to make collages! I should do them more often.

Desk Findings: Birds and Bows!

My desk AKA the kitchen table where I've plopped myself, is still incredibly messy. Here are a few things that I have pick out to share with you! Although doing these kinda posts are making me feel a bit like a hoarder. I just realized I have some pretty neat stuff laying around!
- Floral Hair Bow: I snagged this little gem from a craft fair a little bit ago. Its one of my favorites!
-Tazo Green Tea: I'm a bit of a pack rat and save all my little tea envelopes. They're really good storing and sending confetti to my pen pals!
-Little Note Pad: I got this little guy from jet pens. I love it cause it refillable. So I never feel bad about using up all the pages cause I can always refill it!
-Ceramic Cutter Pen: I got this pen to use for collages on the go! Cause it has a cute little pen design. I really like it cause I can keep it in my pen bag and don't have to worry about cutting my fingers or anything. Its like craft knife to go!
- Collage Bits: I got a packet of birds a while ago for collages. Lately I've just been sticking them to envelopes to make them pretty.
-Postcard: One of my pen pals is always sending me quote and inspirational messages! I just adore them! I love this quote that says, "What's the meaning of it all? Seems tome nobody's got a clue. "-Jim Morrison.

Lovely Things: BOOKS!

I'm the worst at not finishing books that I've started. I was thinking about looking for a new book when I realized I should probably finish one of the five I have started. So instead I put together some book findings! I mean, who doesn't love books? I never trust people who don't like to read! 
Cute book necklace! I'd love one of these with the book Franny and Zooey! Find it HERE
 Libraries are always an adventure! Image found HERE!
For all those book lovers with massive collections this stamp is a must! What a good way to mark all your books! Find it HERE
Mini books! Found HERE!
Of course you need books ends to keep all your books in order! These fox ones are amazingly perfect! Find it HERE
Tired of reading? Write your own book! This minty one would be perfect! Find it HERE!
Last but not least! If you love books you must wear a mini one around on your sweater to show the world!! Find it HERE

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Don't Forget!

This weeks reminder! I think when things are bad its hard to remember that it all works out in the end. So today is your reminder! Everything will be fine. It will all work out. Its not as bad as it seems. You'll be ok. The world is a crazy place and you can't have the good with out the bad! On the bright side its FRIDAY! I'm ready for a successful weekend and to get a lot done! I hope you all have a productive weekend! Anything exciting happening?

List of Thoughts as of Late!

1. I kinda really love the color mint green. Maybe even too much?
2. Can you love a color too much?
3. I've been trying to be more positive these days. Seems to be working out ok so far. 
4. Why am I so sleepy these days? Probably need more exercise. 
5. I despise exercise and can't seem to stick with it! 
6. I feel like I wanna create something but I'm being lazy. 
7. Life keeps throwing me through loops. Which is giving me an excuse to be lazy and sleep too much. 
8. My grandpa is coming to visit for a couple weeks. I'm oddly excited about it. 
9. I've a wart on my finger that is driving me crazy and is actually really gross. 
10. I've been crazing roasted marshmallows! Hopefully this weekend I can convince my family to do a fire and make some s'mores! 

Song and Doodle #26

A little bit ago I went to a concert and Trevor Hall was one of the openers. I was blown away by his set! Ever since I've been tracking though his albums. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'd love to see this guy play again! He is really good at writing soulful, feel good songs. Plus his songs and catchy and get caught in your head. Or maybe they're just getting stuck cause I've been listening them on repeat.

"Who you gonna turn to, when the curtain falls on you.
Mama is on her lion, papa is home in Zion
That's who I'm gonna turn to."

Lovely Things: Bees!

I have this weird obsession with bees. It all started when I had really bad anxiety and I found reading about bees helped me relax and focus on something that interested me. So thus the obsession begun! I just love the fuzzy little ladies! HERES some fun facts about bees! I've always wanted to be a bee keeper, but I've a feeling it would get creeped about. Plus probably couldn't handle all the bee stings! BUT some day when I have my farm and my farmer boy, I'll make him handle the bees! Anyways, heres some bee findings! 
What a cute little fuzzy guy! Found HERE
Bee tattoo! I'm pretty serious that I'm going to get one of these! Although I'd like it to be a little less scary and more cute! Found HERE!
Some art from one of my favorite illustrators Emily Martin. See her shop HERE!
Cute little guy working hard! Found HERE
I've been on the quest for some sweater clips for quite some time. I think I need to settle on these ones! Although I'm not sure how well I can pull off gold! Found in THIS shop! 
 BEE FLIES! How adorable are these! You can read more about there bizarreness HERE!
Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. I think people forget that. I think we also forget that with urbanization bees are starting to disappear! So here is a list of bee friendly plants to plant! Found HERE! You can also go HERE to read more about the decline of bees and go THERE to read about the importance of bees! 
I wish I didn't have fat fingers so I could pull off cute rings! Found in THIS shop! 

Don't Forget!

I've had a rough week. Overall pretty average and extremely emotionally tiring. I'm so very glad that is Friday. Hopefully I can have a good lazy weekend! Maybe work on some mail and artsy projects. That always makes me feel better! BUT todays reminder is that you're stronger then you think! People are assholes and you can only learn from them. The ways the heart is able to repair itself is amazing! Every experience can make you stronger! 

Hope you all have a good lazy weekend! 

Desk Findings: Peach!

This morning I was looking at my massive pile of letter writing stuffs and half projects and found that it it looked quite pretty! I wanted to share a few neat things that I found!
-Letter Writing Pad: I love when things are pen pal themed! It's simple and will match any envelope!
-Poor Remy Sticker: I'm obsessed with this band Poor Remy. I first just liked their name but now I really like there tunes. Of course I had to buy a tee shirt and it came with a peachy sticker! 
-New Pencil: I got this really cool looking pencil in my Art Snacks box last month. I haven't got the change to use it yet, but I just love the way it looks. 
-Washi Tape: I've gotten quite the little collection of washi tape! Its so useful and I just got some floral and polka dot tapes! Washi tape is the best when its on sale. 
-Heart Brooch: I made a bunch of these hearts out of air dry clay. So I thought I'd make some brooches out of them! Although that was a week ago. ha. I still need to go find a spray to finish it so its wearable.
-Postcard: I got this lovely florally peachy post card from my pen pal. I just love the colors so much. I think its one of my favorites.