Happy 4th!

I've always loved the 4th of July. Thats when my parents would always have there big parities and we'd stay up all night. Also fireworks are scary fun, craft fairs and water games! Gah just so much to do! This year is going to be a bit different though since I'll be in Hawaii away from half my family and all the normal stuff we usually do. I'm sure it'll be fine, just different!

I hope you're all celebrating and soaking up the summer! Be safe and don't forget the bug spray!

Lovely Things: Un-Fireworks!

I'm not the biggest firework fan. Mostly because I have an irrational fear of being caught on fire. Its strange I know! So when the fourth of July rolls around I'm always trying to get people to use un-fireworks around me! Here are some really cool ideas that are great for the kiddos and the weirdos like me who are afraid of fire! 
Confetti popper DIY I love these cause you can make them any design you want and fill them with whatever colors you want! 
Sparklers are a bit on the dangerous side BUT they are just so pretty. HERE are some star shaped ones! eek!
Confetti balloons! They make a loud noise and are so pretty! You can even buy pre made ones HERE
Origami confetti snapper! THIS DIY is super cute! These things make a neat noise and have confetti in them! 
 Confetti throwers! Another thing you can customize and refill and use again! 
Wish lanterns! I'm not gonna lie these floating balls of fire kinda freak me out but once they fly away they are so beautiful! You can find some HERE!

Hope you have a safe 4th of July! Any other suggestions?

June Art Journal!

This month went by extremely fast! I'm surprised that I've kept up with it this month. Summers seem to always be busy don't you think? Days feel longer but time moves quicker. This last months journal seems to be a bit of a mishmash. I'm not quite sure what I want this book to look like when its all done. I feel like I should change, but stuck in my old ways and past journals. SO we get a mix of both!

Giveaway Envelope!

A week or so ago I did a little giveaway for my new Etsy shop! My lovely pen pal won and this is the envelope that I made for her. I love the way that it turned out! Its by far one of my favorites I've ever made. I'm really hoping the recipient likes it. I used pen and some water soluble pastels to color it with. I'm thinking I should do more plant-nature envelopes! 
 The back and return address!
Once I started on this envelope I was consumed by it! I love when projects so that. I just so excited when I get to make beautiful things for people. I'm hoping I get another order soon so I face a new challenge!

Facts About Being a Lady: Period Products!

I should warn you this post is a little bit ranty but theres also some cool links so just stick with me! I've been thinking about periods and menstruation a lot lately. It seems like its been popping up on my social media feed which has been creating a lot of discussions. Which is really awesome! I think its something we should all feel ok talking about. There is this weird stigma about periods that just saddens me greatly. So hopefully the more we all write about it the more people will be comfortable thinking and talking about it! My one and only niece it just approaching that age and you can just see how awkward she feels about it. I totally understand where she's coming from cause I felt awkward talking about it at that age too! So I'm doing my best to talk about it comfortably. She probably thinks I'm a real werido! I just have this great hope that when I have kids and they are that age that its not an awkward thing to talk about. That we as a society have changed the idea of periods. I really do believe that we have that power! If we continue to write about it, talk about it and refuse to be ashamed about it!

Phew! Ok enough ranting! Some really awesome links I wanted to share with you!
1. THINKS! Period undies! This is such a great idea and they look so well made. I'd love to try some of these out. They are a bit out of my price range but I'm definitely saving my pennies!
2. CLUE PERIOD TRACKER. I've gone though quite a bit of period tracking apps. This one so far is my favorite. I just love the way it looks. Its easy to read. The mood and symptoms tracking is very simple. Most of the other apps I've used have way too many options its overwhelming! Tracking my period has been the best thing ever! I wish I would've started this when I was a teenager. Why did I ever think it should just be a surprise? An awful surprise at that!
3. LUNA PADS. This is a new site I've found. I haven't ordered anything but oh man they have quite the selection. I love how many products they offer and they have tons of alternatives! When you're young and start your period it seems like you've only got 2 options. When there are so many cool products out there, you just need to find what works for you! So I love site that this that offer lots of options!

So what do you think? Any cool sites that you've found, please share! I'm always on the search for new products to try out. I've recently changed to cloth pads, so that's been quite the adventure! Ha I'm sure I'll do a rant post/ review about it later!

Out Going Mail!

I'm trying to get all caught up on my correspondence before I go on vacation. I got a few written this weekend and only 2 more to go! Now if I can just stop getting so distracted then I might be able to get them done! 
Gold envelopes from Paper Source are still my favorite! Perfect for white gel pens and black markers, best of both worlds! 
Moody girl envelopes! I feel like these looked better in my head than on paper. Needless to say it'll be a while until I make girl envelopes BUT they're fun so I wanted to share! 

Cheers for productivity! 

Vintage Markets!

A new quest I've set for myself is going to more vintage markets! I was reading a few blogs the other week that found some amazing vintage things. I've always enjoyed the uniqueness of old things. Plus I'm a huge farmers market fan, so I think vintage markets should be up my ally! I have a small list of things I'm looking for. Mostly collage supplies, some picture frames, brooches and if I get really lucky a writing desk. I was surprised to see that there are lots of markets in Utah! I live in a pretty central location so should be easy to get to most of these! I just wanted to share some links, so if you're in Utah this post is going to be very helpful (hopefully!)

3 Dotters Vintage Market
This one is on August 1st in Pleasant Grove. I don't know Pleasant Grove very welly except that I pass it each day on my way to work. Follow the facebook page for updates!

Fleattitude Vintage Market
This one goes on twice a year. One is next week the 27th of June and the next one is in November! So if you miss this one you can catch it in the fall! It is in Salt Lake which is always a fun place to visit. (Well I think so at least! )

The Summer Flea
This one has several dates though out the year. The next one is August 22nd. So hopefully we've found a new house by then and I can get some neat stuff to fill it with! They are also doing some DIY projects that would neat to check out. Find the facebook HERE!

Urban Flea Market
This one has lots of dates! Its also downtown Salt Lake which means it'll probably be crowded, but fun! Next one is July12th, so its soon! Also theres one in August if you miss the July one. Find the facebook HERE!

The Vintage Whites Market
This one is pretty awesome! They have markets in Utah, Colorado and Montana. I love following their blog, they always post pictures of the prettiest homes! They seem like they really have the whole market thing down. I'm not sure when the next one is, but if I remember correctly its more towards the winter-y season.

Phew! So many new things to check out! Definitely a season to look forwards too. I'm also wanting to explore some antique stores around Utah. So hopefully once I discover a few I can do a post about those too! Are you a vintage kinda person or do you have any tips for me? I think this is something that will definitely take me a little bit to get into!

Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day! For my father this year I made him this lil' guy surfing on his beard! Ha! I think it clear that I need to practice drawing hands and feet.  I also started to creep myself out thinking about long beards. I'm not too happy about how brown it is, but overall it'll do! The awesome thing about my dad is that no matter what it looks like he'll love it and think its the most amazing thing ever. Isn't that such a great thing about dads? I bought my dad THIS awesome box of pickles! I hope he likes it and I'm super curious to find out how they taste! 

I hope all the fathers have a very lovely day! ALSO Happy Solstice! May you dance under the moon and celebrate the longest day of the year! 

Don't Forget!

Art by Alex Dehoff
Todays reminder is an important one that we all forget! Just be nice to yourself. We are all our own worst critic. Which is silly cause we're the ones who know how truly awesome we are and can be. I suppose its easier to not give yourself credit. BUT for today give your self some love! You're awesome and you're surviving this crazy world. Which is a pretty big accomplishment if you ask me! So for today remember to be gentle to your precious little soul!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Drink lots of water, keep outta the sun and don't mess with the mosquitos!

Thaumatrope Tests!

I did THIS post last week about my first Etsy order. I made her some Harry Potter themed thaumatropes. I had such a fun time making them that I thought I should put up a listing in my Etsy shop! I figured out a WAY easier way to make them line up and all. Plus instead of drawing them all like I have in the past I've been using the computer more, which is speeding up the process a bit. So I just wanted to share some samples that I've been working on so I have some good pictures to post on the listing. 
 I've got some lovely new card stock that was on sale and its prefect for this! Here are some little drawing ones that I've done. A cute lil' cat, a blinking eye and a light bulb! I do need to get some more embroidery floss, but for now I think they look pretty good!
Ones with words! These say "good luck" and "one and only" when you spin them. I'll admit these are a bit more tricky to get matched up perfectly. I'm still trying to come up with a better more accurate system. I have a few ideas that I'm looking forward to testing out! Since I just have these as samples and they aren't all too prefect, if you'd like me to mail you one you can go HERE and I'll write you a little note and send you a sample of a not so prefect thaumatrope! 

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!