Zine Submission!

I've been trying to submit more of my art into things lately. I'll go through phrases where I try a little harder then other and this happens to be one of those phases! Utah has a few awesome organizations that support women and minorities. Whenever I see them pop up I always try to contribute any way that I can. Support local! This specific group is called SLC Pink and they are a submission based zine! They mainly focus on ladies and non binary folks! This rounds theme is self portrait. So here is my entry for the zine. 

I know that I should have thought a little more out of the box rather than just a straight forward portrait. So I'm not going to be too surprised if I don't make it in. BUT I really love the way this turned out. I've really been developing and working on my specific style and finding something that fits me and is consistent with my other work. This is has always been a challenge for me but I feel like I'm on a good path. With this self portrait I really wanted my message to be that women can (and do!) have facial hair. Its a human thing that I know a lot of women are really mortified about (including myself!) but really shouldn't be. I wish it was easier to embrace the beauty of facial hair. That is the main point to my mustachioed self portrait. I think it does a good job at conveying the point, with out looking like a mustache plopped onto a girl. Creating this drawing also made me love and accept myself a little bit more! Overall I'm really happy with it! 

Lovely Things: Comforts!

I've had a pretty emotional slump lately. Admittedly I let myself wallow when I shouldn't but ya know sometimes you just need to feed into it! Between loading myself with ice cream, comfort food and binge watching series on Netflix I've been obsessing over comfy cute things on the interwebs! The theory is if I stare at cute comfy things long enough maybe it'll give me the strength to scrape myself together and act more adulty. BUT until now here are some random cute things! 
DIY Confetti Poppers. I think everyday at work we should have random confetti celebrations just for showing up and being at work. I've been thinking about starting it, but I'm not sure if my boss will be too thrilled about it. 
Paper Kitty. I desperately want a kitty to cuddle with right now, but I know I'm not responsible enough to take care of another being. Hell I can barely take care of myself! So for now I think a paper kitty will do! 
Sprinkles! I think its true that sprinkles make everything 10 times better! 
 Won ton Soup! Yes I know its summer but nothing is more comforting then asian food. THIS blog has a TON of good recipes!
Bear Pillow! OH man this is not only adorable but it looks soooo cozy! 
Vintage Cameras! These are way too cute. I think I'd have to buy them all as a set, because I'm a camera nerd like that! 
Chunky Blanket! Again, I know its summer but when I've been spending this much time in my bed and on the couch I need something bright and comfy! 

I'm holding out hope that its true with the bad comes good. 

List of Thoughts as of Late

More and more I've been sharing my personal life, feelings and thoughts on this blog. I think 3 years ago when I started out I didn't want this blog to turn out super personal. I mostly wanted to create a place to log my creative adventures and cool findings and share them with others! I wanted to create something light and readable. Over time that base that I started on slowly changed where now days this blog is more for me and acts like catalog of my life. A catalog of things I find esthetically beautiful, projects I've tried, projects I want to try, mail I have sent and songs I have obsessed over. Part of this change comes from my amazing supportive readers! Most people who read this blog I have a somewhat personalish relationship with. (and if I don't I want too!) That has helped shape my content. I feel comfortable sharing my personal anxieties and trials with all of you. Which has turned out to be an amazing outlet for me! As a girl with social anxiety creating connections can be really tough. BUT I feel like every post I make I get to create a connection with someone and that is one of the coolest things ever! 

Phew! With that said unfortunately recently my family had to say good bye to one of its most lively members. My auntie lost her 8 and a half year long battle to cancer the other week. The shock waves of sorrow are making there way though my family, slowing getting less rocky every day. So I scrape myself together to be able to write this post, to be able to document this time and moment in my life when I realize things will surly never feel how they once did. I feel both irritated and elated about the cycle of life. There is no beginning with out an end. Over all I'm really lucky in life. I'm surrounded by the most amazing people (including all of you!) I get love, comfort, support, honesty and acceptance in every corner of my life. I don't think a lot of people get to say that. 

Sorry for the long post! I'm sure the next couple weeks will be flooded with overly cute and comforting things! Also if I owe you a letter it might be a little delayed, my zest for creating has been fleeting. BUT I'll get on top of it soon! 

June Art Journal!

Last months art journal! I'm kinda getting sick of this size, but I've still got a lot of pages left in this book. *sigh* Looks like this book will last me until the end of summer! I've added a lot more hang-y bits to this journal than I have in the past. I'm kinda liking the overflow look! I'm feeling kinda excited to dive into the month of July! 

Happy 4th of July!

Its that summery time of year again! I know I should be sleeping, because its 2:25am BUT I have a hectic day tomorrow so I figured I'd post something really quick! I've been trying to get better at keeping up on this little ol'blog of mine. (Plus my tummy is super bloaty and bubbly, so I'm not sleeping anytime soon!) I sort of love hate this time of year. I HATE the heat, crowds, memories it brings back and the obligation to feel patriotic. But I LOVE spending time with family, getting the day off and eating lots of food. I suppose it doesn't really matter if I'm for or against it, it is here anyways! AND it demands to be acknowledged. So here we go! I hope all you americans have a safe and lovely day AND for all my international buddies, happy Monday!

Mini-mini Zine!

This is the third mini-mini zine in a series of mini-mini zines I've been compiling! So much MINI! I enjoy the way this mirco zine turned out. I'm really happy they all seem to be fitting into the same style and esthetic. Although they are all very different something about being slightly cohesive is satisfying to me. I struggle to find a theme or style that fits ME. So when things are matchy it delights me! The innards of this little guy I wrote after reuniting my love for Brighteyes and remembering that in high school I was absolutely obsessed with the song Amy In The White Coat.  I adored this song as a teenager (and adult!) because its one of those that has many meanings depending on what you choose to pull from it. "You should wash your hair more. You should look more like us." This is the lyric the stuck with me for a while and this little poem called NOrmal was the result! 
If you're into zines and would like a copy OR you make zines and would like to swawp-ies you can go HERE! Email me and I'll get something sent your way! 

Outgoing Mail!

I had a bit of a lazy summer weekend, so I figured the least I could do was send a few letters! I love the way these turned out. Even though during the process I continuously felt like I was making mistakes and had to stubbornly pushed my way though to get it done. These probably took me longer than should have, mostly because so much time doing one step then just staring at it. Hoping that it would tell me how to finish it! None the less I got it done! I still have about 4 letters in my reply pile. Which I hope I can get caught up before July! *fingers crossed!*
Oh Mondays! 

List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- Today is fathers day! I'm lucky enough to still be able to give drawings as presents. This year I made a mix cd, which I think he liked. Although honestly I could give him anything and he'd love it!
2- I've been quite the lazy blogger lately, but I've found that I always get into this funk during the summer. I'm not sure why, maybe one day I'll figure out how to balance things better.
3- I stumbled upon THIS etsy shop the other day and I really want to buy one of everything!
4- Recently I've been trying out a new aromatherapy thingy called Monq. The way they advertise it looks really cheesy and they're a teeeeny bit pricy. But it has been helping with my anxiety!
5- THIS site is an amazing time waster and oddly enough is quite soothing!
6- Shorts season is upon us and I'm not sure if I'm happy or bummed out about it.
7- I absolutely adored THIS article! Its always great to see amazing teachers and I've always thought that everyone should learn how to play the ukulele!
8-I would LOVE to take a trip to see THIS amazing sculpture!
9- I keep thinking that I need to find a new back up pair of glasses. Once it a while the anxiety will hit me that if I loose this pair I'll be pretty much blind until I can get another pair. There are lots of online glasses places for pretty cheap. Am I the only one that has this worry?
10- I think I've been waiting for the summer to start and something amazingly exciting to happen. But in reality I've just been breaking out lately and am not sure how to style my hair. *sigh*

Making. Listening. Eating.

Making. I made this little fake flower arrangement for memorial day. I think it turned out quite lovely.
Listening. White Ladder is my go to mopey music. Its my recent choice for sleeping lately. 
Eating. Ok, ok now I know my photo isn't too good but this was REALLY yummy! Poke nachos! My parents got home from Hawaii and my mom had some poke nachos and wanted to try and make some. They turned out really well!

May Art Journal!

May art journal! I'm currently in a love hate relationship with the journal. I love the thick cover and the spiral bound. Its sooo nice it be able to lay it flat. BUT I despise the thin pages and the square size. I've always been a rectangle kinda gal. This journal is pretty big and will probably last me all summer. SO I've been trying to get use to it, since it'll be around for a while! 
 A little while ago I was looking into bible journaling (after seeing a bunch illustrated faith things for sale!) I stumbled into THIS video and saw these awesome fabric paper clips. SO I just had to make some to separate the months in my book!
 Love this unicorn card I got from a pen pal!
 Update on my seeds. I have sprouts!! Little baby leafs poking though the dirt!
 I attempted to draw a self portrait but my nose got totally messed. Oh well next time!
This June page ended up being one of my favorites in this book so far!