Thanksgiving Rant!

I always plan on writing this post BEFORE Thanksgiving but time gets a way from me. Multiple years in a row you'd think I'd learn by now! BUT I'm taking a break from my online shopping (gotta get those deals!) to share some thoughts about Thanksgiving. I have so many mixed feelings about this holiday. The older I'm getting the more I reject what it stands for. I use to feel like it was a moment to come together and feel grateful for all life has given us. The more I'm learning the more I realize its a way for people to excuse the atrocities of our colonizing ancestors. I read a post the other day that said "The only ethical way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to spend it educating yourself about Indigenous rights" There is SO much truth in that. The only way to redeem ourselves from the actions on our ancestors is to educate ourselves and do better. The way we treat Indigenous people even today is awful. I was so ignorant to the horrific, systemic oppression we are putting on Indigenous people all across the US. I realize that I need to do more and that I need to educate myself more. I have a responsibility to spend my privilege correctly. One great resource that I've recently found is the instagram account @girlpowersupply She is having Indigenous people take over her account all this week. Hearing from so many people doing great things and educating people has been amazing. The statistics are scary. These are our brothers and sisters and fellow Americans, we need to do better.

With that said this holiday has a dash a bitterness that seeps into my heart. Of course I am thankful for my amazing family and getting to share a very special meal with them. I am thankful for people out there doing good work to better the rights of Indigenous peoples. I hope if you're celebrating this weekend you take the time to check your privilege and educate yourself. Hug your babies and family a little bit more this holiday season, but don't forget about the oppressed and disenfranchised.

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