As an early Christmas gifty to myself I got my very first tattoo! The entire day was completely magical! I've been stocking different tattoo artists on instagram and I finally found the perfect one! You can see her instagram HERE. All her work is incredibly dreamy! A little surreal, a little nature-y and a whole lotta texture! I'm in love with all her illustrations so I knew right away anything she designed I would love. I gave her a brief description of what I wanted and she had 3 of the most amazing little sketches!
Isn't it amazing!! My heart still melts when I look at it! I got a honeybee split in half to represent me and my twin. (Also two halves are better than one, obviously!) I also wanted a little fire and water tossed in. My Hawaiian middle name (Keahi) means fire and my twins middle name (Hi'ilawe) is a waterfall in Hawaii. I love the style and it is everything I had ever dreamed of getting! The placement is spot on and ugh I can't get over how much I love it!! 

I wanted my first one to have a good story. So I choose someone who was a little further away (about a 2 1/2 hour drive) and make a day of it! Her studio was just a little space in the back of a crepery. The little town was adorable and lightly covered in frost. It was so picturesque! We went to a small restaurant for lunch and wen to this interesting lil' junk store. From waking up early to getting home exhausted the whole day was a dream! I made some amazing memories and it was exactly what my heart and soul needed! This is also the last thing on my "being brave" list for 2017 (which I'll do a long post about it all later!)

I hope my next one is equally amazing. Its definitely going to be hard to beat! 

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