Lovely Things: Solstice Vibes

Today is one of my favorite days of the year! I have always loved the winter solstice. The whole day is mysterious and magical. The shortest day of the year and longest night of the year. I always feel like I need to call out to universe and ask for the days to be longer. In the midst of frozen winter all you can hope for is more sun. I think if you ask correctly with a sincere heart the universe will listen! I could rant on more about it but instead I complied a list of some lunar-y solstice vibes. So many cute things out there!  

 My two favorite things, the moon and beeeees! (Gimme Flair)
How cute is this DIY moon lamp? (Johanna Rundel)
Beautiful lunar calendar to keep track of the moon! (Durido)
 I love this whole set. Although wearing them all at once might be a bit much! (Layered and Long)
You can't have a successful solstice with out a fire pit! This one is just lovely. (Bad Idea Supply)

Happy Solstice my friends! Hope for longer days!

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