List of Thoughts + LINKS!

1- Finally done with all my doctors visits! I'm healing all correctly and my discomfort is really minimal these days. Aren't bodies just amazing! It can HEAL ITS SELF! If thats not amazing then I'm not sure what is! 
2- I now have to pay for my own insurance. Which really sucks because I can't afford any extra bills and my coverage is really gonna suck. Can I go back to being 25 and on my parents insurance? Grown up stuff can be a real pain! 
3- We bought a bunch of plant babies this weekend to make a mini garden. I've been trying to watch my spending more. So this was a bit of an indulgence, but if I'm gonna spend money plants seemed like the way to go.
4- Once the funds are on there way up I'm totally going to snag up one of THESE! I love wax seals but kinda (really) scared of the fire/flame. I'm certain one of these days I'm going to catch my fringe on fire. Ugh no thank you!
5- Then once the funds are super replenished I'm getting me a set of THESE rings! I'm still on a Friends kick and I love all the ring Phoebe wears. So I'm kinda getting obsessed. Plus I mean, HONEY BEES! So dainty and cute!
6- I'm now realizing that I don't really have a plan to somehow get more money. I'm sure buy the time I figure it out the list of things I want to buy is going to be huge. So I should probably figure that out sooner rather then later!
7- Until then I have my favorite podcast Song Exploder to keep my spirits up! This podcast will make me like any song and give me all the feels. I don't know what it is about music but it always has a way of tapping into my sappy emotions. No matter what the type of song. Which is a bit strange I guess.
8- I'm such a huge tattoo fan for not having any myself. I saw THIS little post about single line tattoos and I LOVE the idea. Especially that Frida one!! Such a brilliant idea and oh so beautiful!
9-I thought THIS article was really good. Also made my knees a bit shaky just looking at it!
10- Kinda looking forward to the summer! My ghostly skin could use some sun!

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