Index-Card-A-Day Challenge!

I'm not sure what I was thinking tacking on yet another project but I just loved the idea so much that I couldn't pass it up! The idea is that for 2 months you art-up an index card each day. Its put on by the lovely Daisy Yellow art blog! You can read all about the project HERE! I started a little bit late but have almost caught up. There are some prompts and what nots to help. So far I've just been doing whatever. Its only just the beginning but I'm really loving it! I'm surprised how easy and quick it is! This isn't a project that takes a lot of time or planning. You just grab a card and start layering stuff on. I love that aspect! All the projects I usually work on take a bit of planning and sketching. Its a really nice break to work on index cards. I can start and finish it before I get working on my other projects!

Anyways I'm really excited about this project! Its the prefect thing to keep me out of a creative slump! If you do participate remember to use the hashtag #dyicad2017 and let me know your instagram name in the comments so I can see your cards!!

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