Lovely Things: Galaxies!

I kinda thought this trend died out a while ago, but its still popping everywhere. Not that I'm complaining. Colors and compositions of space-ness is quite beautiful. I remember taking astronomy and being taken by all the colors of the different gases and what nots. I'm not sure I really learned much in that class to be honest! Although my anxiety about the vastness of space definitely got worse. But whatcha gonna do, anyone is a fool to think that we know everything. On that cryptic note here are some really neat findings! ha.
Space wrap from Normans Printery. I'm not sure I could waste this on wrapping gifts, but it sure would make some awesome envelopes or art journal pages! 
 Black Velvet cake by Sprinkle Bakes. My favorite part is the stars inside! So cute.
 Galaxy kitty sticker from SNew. I bought these a while ago and I really love them!
 Space note book by Patiak. My favorite part about this book is the paper for the inside! It looks like it would make great backgrounds and something unique to draw on!
Last but not least some amazing watercolors by Rachael Loftis. I love her art and love following her in instagram. All her water colors are so lovely! I should practice doing more space!

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