Lovely Things: Gingerbread!

Gingerbread and gingerbread houses is one of the holiday things that just escapes me. I blame my family for not having this tradition when I was little. It wasn't until I was older that I got to assemble a gingerbread house and even then I remember it being very frustrating and messy. Also are you suppose to eat them?? Cause you leave them out and they get all hard. I've never quite understood this. It has now turned into one of those things that is now too embarrassing to ask, I'm 25 I should know if you eat gingerbread houses or not! Anyways, I keep coming across wonderful gingerbread houses and recipes! One of these years I'm going to be brave enough to bake and assemble my own house! Until then heres some links I've been oooh-ing and aw-ing at!

Tiny houses over at My Name is Yeh! I love this entire post about her adventures in the White House and those teeny chicken coop houses are amazing!
This one is a rectangle! I'm not sure if that makes it easier or harder? This post shares some really good tips and tricks! Food52
Another recipe! This one looks pretty user friendly, also the result looks more up my ally. Which means easy and doable. Baked Bree
Someone made a gingerbread replica of the hotel from The Shining! Now you're probably like me thinking that movie was a bit creepy seems like an odd combo BUT NO its wonderful!! You need to click on the link and see the other photos. It'll make you chuckle guaranteed! Messy Nessy
Last but not least the recipe that I make when the rest goes to hell and I want something gingery but don't ever want to see a gingerbread house ever again. I've never actually made scone but they are so yummy and pretty. I really should learn how to make some! Sprinkle Bakes

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