Zine Submissions!

Earlier I made THIS post about some upcoming zines I was planning on participating in! Well I was very productive and ended up submitting art work to both of them. I've been trying to be more adventurous and less self conscious about my art work. It actually feels weird to call it art..maybe I'll just call them doodles. Lately I've been gaining traction on tackling my *style* its something that I've been working towards. Zine submissions have really been helping a ton. Its kinda like when you get a school assignment, I love that it comes with a dead line. PLUS I just send it off and don't have to face any criticism. (Which isn't all that good, I know) BUT for now I need to keep my confidence up and I'm not sure if I could take the feedback to be honest. Is that boob-ish of me? Its something i'll work on! 
This one is for THIS zine about the wonderful things about fall/winter! I choose mittens! I love mittens because they give me a greater appreciation for my individual fingers, keep my hands warm and honestly disconnect me from my phone. I have very little self control when it comes to playing/checking my phone, its terrible! Anyways, I'm kinda happy with how this one turned out. The background is a bit meh, but I didn't want to dwell! So I just called it good and sent it off. Gridzine did have there release party last week. I didn't go because I'm a hermit crab and it sounded like way too much socializing! Also if my drawing didn't make it in and I showed up I possibly might cry in front of everyone then its like high school all over again, NO THANK YOU. I think if you'd like you can email gridzinefest@gmail.com and pay $10 to get a copy. They really do great zine-things around Utah and are totally worth supporting! 
The second submission I did was for THIS zine! The theme was "SLC makes me feel.." I'm really stoked with how this one turned out! SLC makes me feel unique! For the longest time when I was younger I always though hapa haole was a bad thing, but honestly its what I am! I'm half white and half Hawaiian and I shouldn't feel lesser for not being whole one or the other. I'm learning that being one of a kind is a powerful thing! I'm sad that its taken me this long to figure it out, but better late than never! And yes its awkward when people think I'm hispanic, or when I look like I don't belong with my very brown or very white family. But in Utah where everyone dresses the same, talks the same and even believes in the same religion, being unique is pretty awesome. I'm grateful for being raised in Utah and for the neat heritage I get to have! 

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