Lovely Things: Thanks Giving!

Phew time is getting away from me! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week! I still feel like i'm waiting around for Halloween to start. I'm afraid if I blink the holidays will be over. Not that I'm opposed to this year coming to a close, I just don't want to miss everything. I'm so afraid of missing things I'm missing things! I feel like theres some poetic justice in there somewhere. Anyways I was working on some crafty Christmas presents when they all started going horribly wrong. So I needed a break and nothing is better then to waste some time on the internet! I found some neat Thanksgiving-ish things that I wanted to share with you!
These pine cones are eat-able!! Eeeek they're cookies!! If I had patients I'd really want to make these, but knowing me I'd only get one done before I got lazy. (Etsy Blog)
Tis the season for cooking! Which kinda sucks for me cause I'm a terrible cook. I had to make mashed potatoes one year and it was kinda of a mini-disaster. I doubt anyone is going to ask me to cook potatoes this year BUT if they do I'll try out this recipe! (A Beautiful Mess)
Secret confession: I've always wanted to have an outdoor dinner party. This list is one to book mark cause I promise one day I'll happen! Ya know once I find friends and learn how to cook and get a table...and find an out door place. (Domino)
 When I have my dinner party I'm going to need a wicked awesome serving tray like this one! I'm tempted to just buy one and serve myself crackers and cheese on it. Nothing says Friday night like being fancy in your jammies! (Cattails Woodwork)
I totally forget that pumpkins are more than a Halloween thing! I'm loving the gold on these. I've never been to a party that had place cards before, is that odd? My hypothetical dinner party is TOTALLY having place cards! (Cashmere and Cupcakes)
Last but not least! Nothing is more Thanksgiving-ish then pie and cranberries! Not a huge fan of cranberries, but I'll basically eat anything that is in pie form. (Annies Eats)

Hope you have a lovely week!

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