Lovely Things: Summer Fruits!

I finally got around to reading all the blogs that I've gotten behind on following. I haven't found the time so I made the time! (Just don't tell my boss!) I have noticed that every was posting lovely recipes using their favorite summer fruit. Some of these look really yummy. I normally don't get the itch to cook until the fall, but these might change my mind! So bright and wonderful. Here are some of my favorites that I've found!
Blueberry Mint Lemonade I'm not a big drink person but this one looks yummy!
Summer Fruit Cakes I love how cute and dainty these are. Also check out THIS recipe from the same blog! Definitely worth a follow! 
Peach Galette I'm a sucker for anything peach! This one looks so rustic and beautiful. 
Plum Upside Down Cake I'm not too sure about plums but it sure does look pretty!
Peach and Honey Popsicles Nothing says summer more than popsicles! 

Mmmm now I'm hungry for fruit and need to hit up the farmers market! Hope your week is summer sweet! 

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