Hawaii Vacation!

Phew! Time is getting away from me to say the least. Here are some photos from my Hawaii vacation from back in July. Is it mid August already? This summer has been a stressful and wacky one to say the least. But I had a wonderful time and was quite lazy when it came to the photo taking. Here are some of my favorite ones that I wanted to share!
My cute annoying niece! We went to Hawaii for a family reunion and spent most of the weekend at Keokea Beach Park. A little rocky but really beautiful.
My sister making leis for the reunion. 
More lei making with my sister and Sybil! 
Making laulaus! Lots of work, but really yummy! 
Little bundles of amazing-ness! 
We were in town shopping and I saw this flyer. I thought it was super cute "text miss kitty" hehe
Afternoon at Spencers Beach Park. This is our go to beach when we're in Hawaii. Mostly cause the water is mellow, not rocky and not too terribly crowded. 
My grandmas grave! We made it a point to put in "fresh" fake flowers and clean it up a bit. It was such a beautiful day and surprisingly peaceful. 
Such a wonderful trip! I got to see so many beautiful people and remind myself how awesome it is to be part Hawaiian. Hopefully I can go back soon! This weekend we'er off to San Diego! Crazy summerness! Timing is kinda bad, but thats been the theme for this year it seems like. 

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