Current Bake- Coconut Cream Pie!

This year for Thanksgiving I was put in charge of pie! I've had THIS coconut cream pie recipe saved for a while. It has a lot of elements that are new to me and I thought it would be a great challenge. Although in hindsight I should have practiced before I had to take it to share with everyone. I learned a lot about blind baking and making pastry cream. I was nervous about the cream but I should have realized it was the crust I should have been weary about. I got some major side slump which then caused some over baking cause I didn't want underdone folds. Alas was imperfect and tasty! Zoei always helps a ton. Mostly keeping me from cutting or burning myself or other objects. She also reminds me to re-read the recipe and points out when something doesn't sound quite right! We also made pumpkin pies for the first time. They weren't really challenging or special, but a nice Thanksgiving-y tradition.

Thanksgiving always fills me with mixed emotions. It rooted in horrendous actions and covered up by stressful family dinners and food. I do find something precious in this contentious moments. Regardless of your feelings toward the holiday and traditions, I hope you at least got some down time and survived the snow!

Keep cozy!

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