Local Artist Sticker Machine

Earlier this year in February I submitted some designs to the Local Artist Sticker Machine project and my designs got accepted! They are just now making their way into rotation. A couple weekends ago I convinced my roommates to drive to a new coffee shop we've never been too just to see my stickers in the wild! I adore this project for multiple reason! Its supports local art and pays artists for their work! Its such a simple and affordable way to support artist. You can follow their instagram to see where my stickers are and you can go HERE to see where all the machines are located at!
These drawings are from a zine I made last year! It turned out to be a super simple 4 page zine but one that I really love! If you'd like a copy you can always email me at remikeahi@gmail.com
Here are the drawings before I assembled them into zine form!

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