Song and Doodle #73

A bit ago I stumbled upon THIS wonderful list of 200 Greatest Songs by 21st Century Women. The whole playlist is really kinda amazing and nostalgic. Its weird how many of these songs I forgot I knew! Also how many song were part of me growing up. Overall its just a lovely list! BUT I'm writing this post because the number one pick is AH-mazing! Now when the song Paper Planes by MIA first was release it was terribly over played and I didn't like it very much. Now that I'm older and I'm actually paying attention to what she's singing about, I really love it! I think she tackled a subject in a really witty and clever way. This song has never felt more present then it does today! More and more immigrants are being attacked and blamed. Its pure insanity and makes me crazy just trying to understand where all the hate is coming from. But I like that she can poke fun at all the absurdity that is our society today. Any ways I'm done ranting! haha

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