Creative Collective!

The Creative Collective

I adore the blog, Nectar Collective. Its also been on the top of my blog reading list. (Which just keeps getting longer and LONGER!) So when she started a new project I just had to participate! She has put together the Creative Collective! You can read about it HERE! The most recent activity is make a playlist of new music! Now this wasn't too hard for me cause I'm constantly listening and searching for new music! Now, I don't normally use spotify. I'm not sure why its pretty awesome. I forgot how awesome it was until I was searching though other peoples playlists! So I decided just to use spotify since I was on there anyways! Any who you can go listen to my PLAYLIST

I hope you find a new song you like! Also go click around on the link up, I've been finding all kinds of new tunes! AND, don't forget to participate in the next collective activity! 

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